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  1. YAMAHA Wolverine-R

    Yamaha Wolverine-R: Go explore

    With its compact chassis, confidence-inspiring car-type 2-seat cabin and high-torque engine, the Wolverine-R is engineered to traverse some of the most extreme terrain out there.

    Equipped with fully automatic transmission - as well as switchable 2WD/4WD and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) - the Wolverine-R is ready for you. And for added safety, there's a Seat Belt Inter-Lock system. Go explore!
    16.160,00 €
  2. YAMAHA Viking

    Yamaha Viking: Functionalitate, durabilitate si acces pe orice tip de teren.

    Cele 3 locuri generoase si podeaua perfect plata, fara tunel pentru cardan, asigura un sofat confortabil si sigur pentru dvs. si colegii dvs. Suspensia sa cu articulatie triunghiulara dubla face fata celor mai denivelate terenuri - iar platforma de Incarcare basculanta cu dimensiunile unui europalet poate transporta greutati de pana la 272 kg.

    Echipat cu sistemul nostru de transmisie On-Command? 2WD, 4WD si 4WD cu diferential blocabil si propulsat de un motor monocilindric puternic si cu cuplu ridicat, de 686 cc, modelul Viking cu 3 locuri poate fi cea mai buna achizitie pe care ati facut-o vreodata!

    Cand lucrati In medii exterioare dificile aveti nevoie de cele mai bune instrumente. Astfel noi am conceput modelul Viking pentru a va face munca putin mai usoara - si mai placuta.
    16.570,00 €
  3. YAMAHA Wolverine X2

    Yamaha Wolverine X2: Explore more
    Equipped with high-back seats that are designed to accommodate 2 full-size adults, this is one of the most comfortable ways to get out there. Its compact chassis gives outstanding levels of agility and maneuver
    - and the powerful 850cc parallel twin cylinder engine produces plenty of torque for easy low speed control in technical terrain.
    With a smooth-running Ultramatic transmission and our switchable On-Command drive system with 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock, the Wolverine X2 gives you more confidence and control!
    The Wolverine X2's compact short-wheelbase chassis is built to handle technical terrain with total confidence. The ground clearance and vehicle geometry combines a planted feeling with ultimate terrain
    19.050,00 €
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3 Articol(e)