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  1. YAMAHA T-Max 530 ABS 2019

    Driven by a high torque 530cc engine and equipped with a lightweight motorcycle-type chassis, this dominant sport scooter is built to stay ahead of traffic on the highway and in the city.

    Featuring dual slanted LED headlights and dynamic bodywork, the TMAX's charismatic face is clearly influenced by Yamaha's sports bikes ? while its range of sophisticated electronic features give you full control in different conditions.

    This is the model that tore up the rulebook and created the sport maxi-scooter class. Mixing motorcycle DNA and performance with scooter design, the iconic TMAX is the true original.
    11.200,00 €
  2. YAMAHA T-Max 530 ABS SX 2019

    Its sporty and agile aluminium chassis and link-type suspension give this powerful scooter the ability to get across the city or into the countryside quicker than almost any other form of transport ? and the aerodynamic bodywork and outstanding performance make you feel good in every situation.

    Wherever you go, the electronic D-MODE and TCS give you full control in changing conditions. So immerse yourself in the dynamic SX experience. And live to the MAX every day.

    When you live for the next ride, the sporty TMAX SX has the technology that puts you in control. The lightweight chassis and high-torque engine get you there fast ? and the aerodynamic body cuts dynamically through the city.
    11.500,00 €
  3. YAMAHA T-Max 530 SX Sport Edition 2019

    Equipped with an exclusive Akrapovi? exhaust that underlines its quality and exclusivity, this flagship maxi scooter is built to give the most dynamic sport riding experience. And to confirm its class-leading status, this high performance TMAX features a sports screen and license plate holder plus special colour options.

    You can also be sure that TMAX SX Sport Edition comes with all the advanced technology you need to own the city ? including D-MODE, TFT instruments, keyless operation and TCS.
    12.200,00 €
  4. YAMAHA T-Max 530 ABS DX 2019

    Every trip to the gym, restaurant or movies becomes an integral part of the fun when you're riding the TMAX DX. And with its electrically adjustable windscreen, heated grips and seat, and adjustable rear suspension, every ride is more enjoyable ? while cruise control makes long distances seem so much easier.

    Thrilling engine performance together with sports handling and dynamic good looks come as standard ? and with its focus on luxury and comfort, the TMAX DX is fully equipped for the ride.
    12.950,00 €
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4 Articol(e)