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  1. YAMAHA PW50 2018

    Aventurile off-road

    1.500,00 €
  2. YAMAHA TTR 50 2018

    Motor sofisticat

    1.650,00 €
  3. YAMAHA TTR 110 2018

    Inspirat? de c

    2.850,00 €
  4. YAMAHA TTR125 LWE 2018

    Race-developed, but beginner-friendly motocross.

    With a range of race-developed features, including a disc front brake, tough lightweight bodywork and long-travel front and rear suspension, the TT-R125LW and the electric start TT-R125LW/E are the next step up from our mid-sized TT-R110E.

    For impressive and powerful performance that younger riders will enjoy, the 125 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is rugged and easy to maintain.

    With 180 mm suspension travel at the front and 168 mm at the rear, the TT-R125LW/E can take on tough terrain, and like all the TT-R models, from 50cc to 125cc, Yamaha quality and reliability come as standard.

    3.990,00 €
  5. YAMAHA MT-125 2018

    S? nu v? fie fric? de

    4.150,00 €
  6. YAMAHA YZ85LW 2018

    Pilo?i de motocros

    4.600,00 €
  7. YAMAHA MT-125 ABS 2018

    S? nu v? fie fric? de

    4.750,00 €
  8. YAMAHA YZF-R125 ABS 2018

    Aceasta este o motociclet? care se ridic? deasupra tuturor. Datorit? ADN-ului seriei R de la Yamaha, motocicleta de curse YZF-R125 este calea de acces la cel mai exclusivist club de motociclism.

    Aceast? motociclet? remarcabil? a fost proiectat? utiliz

    5.200,00 €
  9. YAMAHA MT-03 ABS 2018

    5.300,00 €
  10. YAMAHA YZF-R3 ABS 2018

    Supersport u?or pentru utilizare zilnic?

    Motocicletele legendare Yamaha, de serie R, definesc standardele

    5.950,00 €
  11. YAMAHA MT-07 ABS 2018


    6.650,00 €
  12. YAMAHA YZ125LC 2018

    Pilo?i de motocros

    Pentru a reu?i

    7.250,00 €
  13. YAMAHA XSR 700 35KW 2018

    XSR700 face o demonstra?ie impun?toare. Conceput? pentru a conferi senza?ii f?r? v

    7.750,00 €
  14. YAMAHA XSR 700 2018

    XSR700 face o demonstra?ie impun?toare. Conceput? pentru a conferi senza?ii f?r? v

    7.850,00 €
  15. YAMAHA YZ250LC 2018

    Pilo?i de motocros

    Dac? ave?i experien??

    8.100,00 €
  16. YAMAHA TRACER 700 ABS 2018

    Turn Your Story

    Tomorrow's memories are shaped by the decisions we make today. So imagine you're writing the story of your life - and right now the next page is open.

    The Tracer 700 is an accessible and affordable Sport Tourer that is built to take you on an exciting new journey every day. Maybe you're heading out for a quick back road blast after work - or preparing to take a long-distance tour. This versatile and exciting bike is going to be with you when those future experiences are burned into your consciousness.

    The new Tracer 700 gives you the opportunity to write a new page for every day. And it can help you to turn your story into anything you want

    8.200,00 €
  17. YAMAHA YZ250F 2018


    8.400,00 €
  18. YAMAHA MT-09 ABS 2018


    8.950,00 €
  19. YAMAHA YZ450F 2018

    Conecta?i ca unul

    Acesta este cel mai complet pachet motocros pe care l-am creat vreodat?. ?i este, de asemenea, prima motociclet? de serie care v? permite s? v? conecta?i wireless ?i s? dispune?i set?ri de motor personalizate - ?i s? v? maximiza?i poten?ialul de c

    9.250,00 €
  20. YAMAHA SCR 950 2018

    Creat pentru a g?si noi c?i.

    A ap?rut un nou tip de motociclet?

    9.450,00 €
  21. YAMAHA XV950R 2018

    9.500,00 €
  22. YAMAHA XSR 900 2018

    N?scut pentru a domina

    XSR900 este solu?ia ideal?. O experien?? de pilotare antrenant?, asigurat? de o tehnologie de ultim? or? influen?at? de o ascenden?? competi?ional? de neegalat. Cel mai bun produs al noii metodologii de proiectare Yamaha este

    9.750,00 €
  23. YAMAHA WR250F 2018

    Gre?it inten?ionat

    Noi, cei de la Yamaha, conducem, nu

    9.990,00 €
  24. YAMAHA MT-09 ABS SP 2018


    10.150,00 €
  25. YAMAHA TRACER 900 ABS 2017

    Amplifica?i-v? emo?iile

    Mai mult dec

    10.300,00 €
  26. YAMAHA WR450F 2018

    Gre?it inten?ionat

    Echipat cu cele mai avansate tehnologii de motor ?i ?asiu dezvoltate vreodat? pentru o motociclet? de dirt Yamaha, modelul WR450F este pus pe fapte mari.

    Construit pentru concuren?i enduro adev?ra?i, pilo?i de raliu de distan?? lung? ?i pilo?i amatori experimenta?i, WR-F dispune de o nou? mapare ECU, pentru a

    10.500,00 €
  27. YAMAHA XJR 1300 2018

    XJR1300 se

    10.600,00 €
  28. YAMAHA TRACER 900 ABS 2018

    Amplifica?i-v? emo?iile

    Am luat cel mai bine v

    10.600,00 €
  29. YAMAHA TRACER 900 GT 2018

    Amplifica?i-v? emo?iile

    Tracer 900, modelul cel mai bine v

    12.200,00 €
  30. YAMAHA XSR 950 Abarth 2018

    N?scut? s? fie prima

    12.300,00 €
  31. YAMAHA XTZ1200A 2018

    Spiritul de aventur? se afl?

    13.500,00 €
  32. YAMAHA MT-10 2018

    Raz? de

    13.700,00 €
  33. YAMAHA YZF-R6 2018

    YZF-R6 este o legend? a str?zilor - iar cu 3 titluri supersport mondiale,

    13.990,00 €
  34. YAMAHA MT10 Tourer 2018

    Journey through the Darkness

    We've taken the most powerful Hyper Naked that we've ever built, and added a range of specially developed equipment that gives you the potential to run even harder and longer on every ride.

    The MT-10 Tourer Edition comes with all of the torque-rich performance and corner carving precision of the game changing MT-10. Its lightweight sidecases give you the added functionality you need to suit your lifestyle - while a GPS support facilitates satnav fitment. And with its high screen, comfort seat and knuckle guards, this 998cc short-wheelbase naked bike is more than ready to go the full distance.

    MT-10 Tourer Edition. Because the journey is everything.

    14.750,00 €
  35. YAMAHA XTZ1200AE 2018

    Spiritul de aventur? se afl?

    16.200,00 €
  36. YAMAHA MT-10 SP ABS 2018

    Preg?ti?i-v? pentru o nou? erup?ie de

    16.250,00 €
  37. YAMAHA FJR1300A w/o side cases 2018

    Viraje interminabile

    16.300,00 €
  38. YAMAHA XTZ1200AE Ride Edition 2018

    Completa?i cu aventur?

    Atunci c

    18.100,00 €
  39. YAMAHA YZF-R1 2018

    19.000,00 €
  40. YAMAHA FJR1300AE 2018

    Cu ajutorul suspensiei reglabile electronic ?i a furcilor inversate, modelul FJR1300AE ofer? o calitate superioar? a pilot?rii. Noua sa transmisie

    19.600,00 €
  41. YAMAHA FJR1300AS 2018

    Viraje interminabile

    Extrem de avansata motociclet? FJR1300AS nu se compar? cu nimic altceva. Ceea ce o face ie?it? din comun este sistemul electronic de schimbare a vitezelor f?r? ambreiaj, ce v? permite s? schimba?i treptele de vitez? cu piciorul st

    20.600,00 €
  42. YAMAHA YZF-R1 M 2018

    Cu motorul de 200 PS cu manetoanele decalate la 90

    23.800,00 €
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43 Articol(e)